The Fashion Story.

Model for Modella Couture
Model for Zizi Cardow
Model for Ayo van Elmar
Model for Mai Atafo
Model for Lanre Da Silva Ajayi

The lagos fashion story is one that is known by very few, I didn’t know it either. I watched the clip put together by the organisers, the designers shared their struggles – competing with imported clothes, not having customers for their clothes and how expensive it was for the designers to make them– they also shared their triumphs, and through the short clip my respect doubled, if not tripled. The clip set the tone for the whole event, millenials like me, looked with a different kind of admiration when the first designer ‘Modella Couture’ was announced, it didn’t just look like a bunch of old clothes my grandmother probably wore, I saw and felt the expression. I understood the mind of the designer that needed to express her identity in the world of the norm, and I understood the hearts of the women that purchased the clothes – individuality. The models’ strut embodying the liberation the clothes gave them, their smiles so wide as they play with the clothes, their hairstyles high and full completing the look in the past. King Sunny Ade’s music comes on and ushers us to the early 70s, the era of ‘juju’ then the masterpiece comes in, the last model struts down the runway with a dress that can only be described as a masterpiece, a fusion of the old and new, the material appeals to the 60s and the cut to us millenials. What a way to start a show!

Zizi Cardow’s interpretation of the late 70s to early 80s brought a fire, the choice of material vibrant and spicy, oranges and pinks flood the runway and ease us into the spunk that was the early 80s, big hair and an even bigger strut, Nigerian women were coming into their own, the post-civil war woman was edgy, vibrant, dressing in colours that scintillates our senses and appeals to our edgy side. The 80s woman is the woman we all want to be, unafraid and bold.

Ayo van Elmar, the youngest designer amongst the 5, maintained the level Modella Couture started the show with, unapologetic in her cuts and bold with her choice of fabric, but, as the 80s wound down, the Afros got smaller, and the women became ‘chilled’- it was the reign of the hippies, the chill that came with liberation was very obvious in their laid-back strut, their cool shades, scarves tied across their forehead, it truly was a celebration of the becoming of a woman, a woman that didn’t need to be overly edgy to be different, she didn’t need to be spunky to show a different side of herself. The 80s woman had grown into her own.

The 90s interpreted by Mai Atafo showed the increase in the ‘craze’ for weddings. Women became more conscious of how they wanted their wedding to look and most importantly how they looked, as usual, Mai didn’t disappoint, his cut exquisite and his style very original just like the ever-green wedding song that was playing in the background Oruka by Sunny Neji. The 90s woman was the hopeless romantic, she finally loves who she has become and has found love.

Lanre Da Silva Ajayi introduces us to this millennium, the 21st century woman, it was almost reminiscent as I watched the models strut down, lagos fashion really has evolved, but it proved how much of a cycle fashion really is, some styles from the 60s made a comeback, cuts from the 70s also, but what I loved most about the millennial woman was her appreciation for the past, she understood the thirst to be different of the 60s woman, she adopted the spirit of the 70s woman, that fire, edginess, spunk, she understands the chill of the 80s woman, and she paid homage to the hopeless romantics of the 90s with the bold red lip. She is 50 years of fashion in Lagos.




My sister and I

GIRL CHAT: Games Men Play 😕😒😒

Girlsss, we need to talk. During this past week it became very evident that men(or rather boys 😒😒) like to play silly mind games. Like I don’t get it?? They put on this false act of bravado in public, but when you get to know them you can only wonder if they knocked their head somewhere because the words coming out of their mouth can only be translated as stupid.

So in my last post, I was saying I have gist, and you know I was sincerely happy to share this story with you guys. When I posted ‘smiles and lace’ I got dressed to ‘end things'(to be completely honest I don’t know why, because I didn’t even know when we started dating 😒😒) with one guy that has been on my case and you will not believe why. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls I had not known this guy for up to a week and already he was talking about him and I having sex! Sex? Are you mad?? Do I look like some naive church girl? I like going to church and I’m celibate doesn’t make me stupid. So, I sha told him we need to chill, I can’t do anything and besides I don’t know him, he goes okay, I was excited, over the moon ecstatic, finally!!! It’s over! Butttt, this boy doesn’t quit, he calls me and tells me he wants to meet that he can’t “let me go”, what the fudge??? I sha met him again and explained why nothing can work out between us, but, once again boys proved that they are block heads and deaf, but this time I wasn’t having it, we didn’t talk. Now, fast forward 2 weeks later and this boy calls me and says “I’m tired of you being a naughty girl, I’m coming to see you” is this guy mad? Was he really thinking during that time I’ll miss him and decide to sleep with him?? Or was he just thinking he can call me and meet me when he misses me?? Please if this is not stupidity tell me? Funny thing is he is not the only one! My friend had this same issue!

This guy basically just met her and all he wants to talk about is gives( gives is like everything apart from the actual intercourse) and can you believe she tells him no, because she’s not about that life and next thing this boy is willing to ask her out, why?? Because of gives o, Gives! 😑😑 They are not even together o (except in his head), it has only been 24 hours since he asked her out and suddenly he is talking about them meeting at his place??? What the fudge?? For what o? Apparently his birthday is on Saturday and since she won’t be available, he wants them to ‘spend time together’😒.

I’m calling out all the guys that do this nonsense, stop! It’s unattractive! 😒 and it proves once more why they have to split men and women as two different species because most of you guys are block brained and need cane. If you read my blog and you do this nonsense, stop it please. Girls, I want to hear your opinions, are men really oblivious to their stupidity or do they just like to play dumb? 😒


Roommate Wahala & Dirty Dorm Rooms

Hey guys! I know usually on mondays I try to be cute and sweet, but as you can see from the title and featured image this week was not popping.

***before you read, my roommate and I don’t have this issue anymore, she’s pretty cool and she’s not rude. I misunderstood. To be honest, I only left it here, cause you guys like it.

So before I begin, I’ll like to thank everyone that has ever commented, especially the ones that drop very funny and real comments, I am very grateful 🙇🙇😳😆.

Sooooo, my room mate had been dropping hints about a squatter for a while now (in the Nigerian uni system, a squatter is someone who stays in a dorm room but, has no legitimate right to be there but can stay there because someone who has legitimate claims to the space -that is they were given by the institution – allows them stay in the room) and I have been trying to make her understand for the longest that I am not interested, although I agree I have been sugar coating it because it’s just her and I, and I want peace to reign. This evening she calls me and starts trying to convince me again and I’m like “the potters say its not allowed, my parents don’t want it and the room is already too small”she then starts ranting about how they have arranged it with the potters and I’m like “but I spoke to the woman in charge she said no” she then starts talking and talking about how we won’t tell her and she won’t know. Then when I tell her no, I’m not interested she said something really silly and cut the phone. Can you believe it???200w.gif   I was so dumbfounded by the whole situation. If you ask someone “may I bring a squatter in? ” I have the right to say yes or no. The fact that you were polite enough to ask does NOT give you the right to assume I have no choice. How rude of her, I barely know her, and it’s unfortunate that the first adjective I can use to describe her is ‘rude’. WOW. That’s her business sha, because I don’t want a squatter and I definitely will not be side-stepped or cajoled or forced into getting one.

UPDATE!!(22\01\2017): My room mate and I no longer have these issues. They have been orted out and this is not my present feeling towards her. I would have changed the title but….its catchier like this

Secondly, can you believe I got to my hostel early this morning and I met it in a mess. It was horrible! I now understand why people always complain my hostel is the dirtiest. It was so nasty, and everyone felt absolutely nothing as they walked around. How nasty?

I’m going to stop myself now, because I promised myself that anytime I rant, I won’t bore you by writing sooo much. My blog is centered around positivity and happiness and I won’t let u mood ruin the usual flow.

Soooo, I noticed something, I don’t know what type of posts you guys like more, cause I get more likes from style, makeup, but, more comments from chit chat. I won’t ask which you like more right now, but I will ask a little later when the rest more style and makeup to choose from. Thanks.


GIRL CHAT: Dirty Braids

Ladies we need to talk.

I didn’t think it’s was a serious issue until today. I know we all do braids or weave and all those other styles that you can’t really wash and air doesn’t get into, but ladies! Enough is enough!

Today I was on my own sitting jejely jejely and as I turned to get something from my bag a smell assaulted my nose. The girl sitting beside me had had her braids for quite a while and the smell that permeated off of her was so musky almost nauseating. I know the next thing they’ll say is my own is too much, and I agree I have a very sensitive nose and the tiniest smells can almost ruin my cognitive ability and I’m not exaggerating.

The thing is I remember Awazi from soundcity FM talking about this and I remember saying she’s such a drama queen it’s not a big deal, but let’s be real it’s just nasty for the person inhaling that awful scent. The main question Awazi asked was “you are at a club, you’ve been dancing and you realize your hair stinks, what do you do? ” It’s been a while so I’m not sure, I think she said just take it off or go home and blow dry the crap out of it. I agree. Don’t spoil your fine girl with a bad smell, just go home.

I have had really smelly braids on before like I know and you know, as your braids get older( I’m talking like 2 weeks plus -you know your hair type- I’m saying two weeks because I sweat a lot and on my head) you already know stuff like this can happen, so please and please blow dry the fudge out of your hair before you leave the house and clean it with alcohol. Also, don’t keep braids on for too long, apart from the smell, it’s also not good for your hair growth (for my sisters on a budget I’ll leave a link for how to wash braids on your hair, check it out)

I have no other tips, but think of this as my love offering to you