GIRL CHAT: Dirty Braids

Ladies we need to talk.

I didn’t think it’s was a serious issue until today. I know we all do braids or weave and all those other styles that you can’t really wash and air doesn’t get into, but ladies! Enough is enough!

Today I was on my own sitting jejely jejely and as I turned to get something from my bag a smell assaulted my nose. The girl sitting beside me had had her braids for quite a while and the smell that permeated off of her was so musky almost nauseating. I know the next thing they’ll say is my own is too much, and I agree I have a very sensitive nose and the tiniest smells can almost ruin my cognitive ability and I’m not exaggerating.

The thing is I remember Awazi from soundcity FM talking about this and I remember saying she’s such a drama queen it’s not a big deal, but let’s be real it’s just nasty for the person inhaling that awful scent. The main question Awazi asked was “you are at a club, you’ve been dancing and you realize your hair stinks, what do you do? ” It’s been a while so I’m not sure, I think she said just take it off or go home and blow dry the crap out of it. I agree. Don’t spoil your fine girl with a bad smell, just go home.

I have had really smelly braids on before like I know and you know, as your braids get older( I’m talking like 2 weeks plus -you know your hair type- I’m saying two weeks because I sweat a lot and on my head) you already know stuff like this can happen, so please and please blow dry the fudge out of your hair before you leave the house and clean it with alcohol. Also, don’t keep braids on for too long, apart from the smell, it’s also not good for your hair growth (for my sisters on a budget I’ll leave a link for how to wash braids on your hair, check it out)

I have no other tips, but think of this as my love offering to you



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