All my fit fam out there will probably understand why I’m eating this for dinner, in fact some of them will even say those 3 slices of bread is unhealthy,but, abeg……..person no fit die because of weightloss. For a minute, I was doing the LCHF diet, it is really effective, and I love the variety of food, but I got really ill and i decided to stop all this dieting and EAT.

So, lemme not lie, its not my dinner, I didn’t take a picture because it was just spaghetti, and can  you imagine, my mom entered the kitchen and just shouted at me, she was like ‘you’ll just blow’, see me like awkkkkkkks,i know you want. it was nice sha, i wont lie,unhealthy or not.

Please don’t kill yourself with diet, while I was(loooool I’m still trying o) I realised that, its good to lose weight the old fashion way, eat right, work out, but, I just realised I get bored so easily and it translates into my ‘weightloss’ goal. Soooooo, I’m trying some new things, they’ve been trending for a while and I think combined they’ll be formidable, I’ll share if it works out!

Good Night x.


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