Hey guys! I recently rekindled my love for instagram within the past week and I finally get why people love it so much! everytime I scroll through my timeline I always see the prettiest clear shoes, I can’t say much, but I am in love! I really really wish I had them and lemme not lie I ordered one, even though it’ll dent my already ugly account balance, but who cares, its all for fashion.



The Art of Posing.

Just before I started taking this blog seriously something I was very scared of was posing because I fall under the category : camera awkward. Once someone holds a camera in front of me I sort of lose myself and become not even shy, awkward. So, I watched lots of videos on taking pictures, posing, editing and one thing I got is ‘be your most authentic self’. I like to be silly, joke around, and I almost never take anything seriously,but, it was sort of difficult to come to terms with the fact I can’t have iconic shots like most bloggers and I don’t think I can be as model-like as them. So i decided to celebrate my awkwardness, I’m posting random pictures from the ones I took today before church.

Celebrate your short falls and showcase your difference, be the most authentic version  of of yourself, always.


Roommate Wahala & Dirty Dorm Rooms

Hey guys! I know usually on mondays I try to be cute and sweet, but as you can see from the title and featured image this week was not popping.

***before you read, my roommate and I don’t have this issue anymore, she’s pretty cool and she’s not rude. I misunderstood. To be honest, I only left it here, cause you guys like it.

So before I begin, I’ll like to thank everyone that has ever commented, especially the ones that drop very funny and real comments, I am very grateful 🙇🙇😳😆.

Sooooo, my room mate had been dropping hints about a squatter for a while now (in the Nigerian uni system, a squatter is someone who stays in a dorm room but, has no legitimate right to be there but can stay there because someone who has legitimate claims to the space -that is they were given by the institution – allows them stay in the room) and I have been trying to make her understand for the longest that I am not interested, although I agree I have been sugar coating it because it’s just her and I, and I want peace to reign. This evening she calls me and starts trying to convince me again and I’m like “the potters say its not allowed, my parents don’t want it and the room is already too small”she then starts ranting about how they have arranged it with the potters and I’m like “but I spoke to the woman in charge she said no” she then starts talking and talking about how we won’t tell her and she won’t know. Then when I tell her no, I’m not interested she said something really silly and cut the phone. Can you believe it???200w.gif   I was so dumbfounded by the whole situation. If you ask someone “may I bring a squatter in? ” I have the right to say yes or no. The fact that you were polite enough to ask does NOT give you the right to assume I have no choice. How rude of her, I barely know her, and it’s unfortunate that the first adjective I can use to describe her is ‘rude’. WOW. That’s her business sha, because I don’t want a squatter and I definitely will not be side-stepped or cajoled or forced into getting one.

UPDATE!!(22\01\2017): My room mate and I no longer have these issues. They have been orted out and this is not my present feeling towards her. I would have changed the title but….its catchier like this

Secondly, can you believe I got to my hostel early this morning and I met it in a mess. It was horrible! I now understand why people always complain my hostel is the dirtiest. It was so nasty, and everyone felt absolutely nothing as they walked around. How nasty?

I’m going to stop myself now, because I promised myself that anytime I rant, I won’t bore you by writing sooo much. My blog is centered around positivity and happiness and I won’t let u mood ruin the usual flow.

Soooo, I noticed something, I don’t know what type of posts you guys like more, cause I get more likes from style, makeup, but, more comments from chit chat. I won’t ask which you like more right now, but I will ask a little later when the rest more style and makeup to choose from. Thanks.


GIRL CHAT: Dirty Braids

Ladies we need to talk.

I didn’t think it’s was a serious issue until today. I know we all do braids or weave and all those other styles that you can’t really wash and air doesn’t get into, but ladies! Enough is enough!

Today I was on my own sitting jejely jejely and as I turned to get something from my bag a smell assaulted my nose. The girl sitting beside me had had her braids for quite a while and the smell that permeated off of her was so musky almost nauseating. I know the next thing they’ll say is my own is too much, and I agree I have a very sensitive nose and the tiniest smells can almost ruin my cognitive ability and I’m not exaggerating.

The thing is I remember Awazi from soundcity FM talking about this and I remember saying she’s such a drama queen it’s not a big deal, but let’s be real it’s just nasty for the person inhaling that awful scent. The main question Awazi asked was “you are at a club, you’ve been dancing and you realize your hair stinks, what do you do? ” It’s been a while so I’m not sure, I think she said just take it off or go home and blow dry the crap out of it. I agree. Don’t spoil your fine girl with a bad smell, just go home.

I have had really smelly braids on before like I know and you know, as your braids get older( I’m talking like 2 weeks plus -you know your hair type- I’m saying two weeks because I sweat a lot and on my head) you already know stuff like this can happen, so please and please blow dry the fudge out of your hair before you leave the house and clean it with alcohol. Also, don’t keep braids on for too long, apart from the smell, it’s also not good for your hair growth (for my sisters on a budget I’ll leave a link for how to wash braids on your hair, check it out)

I have no other tips, but think of this as my love offering to you


PHOTOS: Weekly Story


So, this is wig I’m going to buy soon, it isn’t even complete,but I was feeling it so much I had to take a picture! Look how I slayed my cheek bones and nose contour x


Isn’t this ring beautiful and its just 4k!


This was a throwback from last week, I’m wearing no foundation, no concealer, I just filled in  my brows and put on some white powder.


This is also a no make-up look, but this time no brows, no white powder, I started uni recently and since I’m not in the mood for all the make-up, I just don’t do anything. I think I look decent for no make-up


This 2 photos are also throwbacks, my sister(the one in the picture), my friend and I went to watch the wedding party, the movie is toooo cool! But, I went with other things in mind, I know nobody puts this much effort into going to the movies, but, I was going fishing and  I needed to look extra tapping.


My sweety pie, she is at school now, but we took this picture last week sunday before she left.


This is my sister at our salon, which also happens to be a boutique, she was trying random things and we got this look looool, I think she looks nice though.


Foundations I Want!



What a long name! So I was walking around the palms shopping mall, and I just saw a random beauty store, then the attendant basically bundles over to this foundation and he basically swore on his life that this is the best he has seen…. like ever! Believe me, he is not lying, he just put a tiny drop on the back of my hand and the coverage was almost unbelievable and do you know what I loved the most? It wasn’t thick, it as light weight as it gets and I felt like it won’t become a mask on my face. But, beware o, the price can shock you. In fact, when I asked the guy ‘what if it breaks? ‘ he started recounting a story of a lady that was in tears because it broke o.

I’ll still buy it sha, I just hope I don’t have a crisis if it breaks.

PRICE: ₦18,000( although in the store it’s 23k, buy it on it’s cheaper)



Sooooo, tbh I have never really tested this foundation, but most of the youtubers I watch swear by it, especially Omabelle, she says its amazing, and the coverage is amazing, since I don’t know much I got a review…..

  • This foundation is definitely one of the most pigmented/full coverage foundations I’ve ever used. would recommend this foundation for someone who has a lot of imperfections to cover on their face, who doesn’t want to use too many products; this foundation covers blemishes like a dream!
  • It blends really well with a damp sponge/beauty blender. I found it to be too cakey with a stippling/buffing brush.
  • It’s the perfect foundation if you have an important event in a humid/hot atmosphere where you need your foundation to stay on all day with minimal touch ups.
  • Your blush/contour/bronzer/highlighter will adhere amazingly to the foundation and last all day!
  • You don’t need much of the foundation to cover your face because it’s so pigmented.
  • Could be used as a full coverage blemish concealer.

*However there are some cons, check them out on her blog, the only problems really were that she likes light weight foundation that she can wear day to day, it dries quickly and it’s not the best for dry skin.

This one’s price got me shook too, I know some Lagos big girls will say it’s not so bad, but me that I’ve been using ₦3,500 Mary Kay for the longest, this price shook me to my toes.

PRICE: ₦18000( I had to convert the dollar myself, I don’t know if the exchange rate will change and I don’t know charges for delivery/shipping.