Inspiration! Inspiration!! Inspiration!!!


I love how striking this is! The whole black look and a pop of Ankara…. Amazing! I’ll definitely be making my tailor sew this

img_20161103_221835I love  how cute and charming she looks, it’s something I could wear for brunch or to a bridal shower. img_20161103_221917I put  this here not because of the dress, but the hair, I met a lady with the same exact style, with the type you can use for the crochet style, and it looked amazing on her. I’m still trying to get mine, but once I do I’ll probably dye my tips red, but I can’t wait! img_20161103_222047

This lady is so sheek, it’s annoying. She made very simple pieces amazing, who knew a white cotton shirt could look so nice?




I had sooo much fun doing this photo shoot! The photographer was super funny and the make up artist was too cool for words.

This is not the original make up artist I was going to use, but after I saw what she did, I couldn’t believe it, it was so overwhelmingly ugly that I cried. Make up artist’s have a very important job, just that horrible job and I felt the worst I’ve ever felt, I felt ugly. In the beginning I thought I couldn’t do the photoshoot, but, almost like I felt so much better when the new make up artist came, miraculously (no I’m not exaggerating it was a miracle )  I felt beautiful again and ready. We killed the shoot!

These pictures are amateurs, taken with my phone, I’ll have the photographer’s here in like a week or two.

Thanks, stay FELICITIOUS!