Who is Your God?

I wrote this for my church’s newsletter, just so you know, it’s religious, no harm intended to any other religion.

Who is your God?
“my family god is Lakshmi, the god of wealth, my family and I serve him as the God of our family” my Hindu friend Krishna says “who is your God”. I was lost, and I was stunned by how brazen and direct her question was, I know my God, and I know Jesus, but who exactly is my God?
“well, he’s…… he is” I was at a loss of words, I knew who he was, but who is he really?
“come on, tell me” Krishna said as she nudged me playfully
“He is the I am that I am” I reply, after much thought
“what do you mean? ‘I am that I am’? That’s bizarre” she replies “you Christians always have away of turning the simplest questions into a parable, come on, tell me, is he the God of wealth? or child birth?”
“exactly what is said ‘he is what he is'”
“I am that I am? Don’t you find that a little strange?” Krishna asked
“well now that I think about it, not really, he is what he is, he can’t be understood, and he can’t fit his awesomeness into words, nor does he perform only special duties, he is all you can ever imagine and more, so I guess that’s a perfect name the ‘I am that I am” Krishna looked at me like I had grown 2 heads
“how come you suddenly know” she said “you were lost a while ago”
“I don’t know, I just know my. God is the ‘I am that I am’ “


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