Perfect Imperfections.

Everytime  I flop, everyone always says it’ll only get better, but I keep failing and it’s not. Today I flopped again, in front of everyone, it sucks,uhhhhhhh,it really sucks! I was was singing today at church and I just went off key, like my voice gave away, and I had an internal struggle on whether I should continue singing or just awkwardly wave and snap, it was so embarrassing!

If anyone  else was in my shoes they’ll have given up but, I want to believe all of these Imperfections will soon stop, they say experience is the best teacher, but, I’m pretty sure with the amount of times I have failed, my experience might not be the greatest teacher.

It’s rreally difficult when you keep fighting but nothing is getting better, if it’s never happened to you lemme tell you it sucks. It’s okay if you fail but give up and understand it’s not for you, but, when you keep trying to ‘get up’ it’s even more horrible.

But, I can only feel bad for a little while, I’ll get up once again, dust off, and face my challenge once again, maybe I’ll be successful, maybe not, but who cares, it’s all perfect in it own imperfect way.




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