My Sweet Little Angel

I wrote this a while ago, if your interested in rape, violence and incest, pls read it.

My Sweet Little Angel.


img_20160915_230055He watched his wife pack her bags, she was to spend the weekend at her sister’s place. She must have told him why she was leaving, but the excitement the news of her departure brought made Femi forget whatever she must have said. He watched and waited till her fat figure had turned at the junction of their street. What an unattractive woman! Femi thought. The continued jiggle of her bum as she walked away made him scrunch his face involuntarily in disgust. Not only was she unappealing she was uneducated. He only married her because she got pregnant and he thought it will be a boy.

Once he was sure she had left he decided he couldn’t possibly wait any longer, he had planned to wait till evening, but, this need for her became more pronounced in the empty house. He will have his way now he decided without extra thought.
“My sweet little angel” he called as he climbed the stairs, “where are you my sweet girl?” he called again, as he climbed the stairs to his angel he felt his desire heighten, until it reached its climax as he stood outside her room. Oh! He could already feel her and taste her. He knocked, of course out of courtesy, he couldn’t and wouldn’t barge into his princess’ room. He heard some shuffling and smiled his princess was coming to him, but frowned as he realized her sluggish pace was making him impatient and angry, he tapped his foot to get rid of his frustration, no, he wouldn’t yell at his princess, he had promised he’ll never yell at her again.

Finally, his angel opens her door, the most attractive lady he had ever seen stood before him, no one could match her beauty. Her skin glowed like it was inviting him to touch and he did. He was glad he didn’t wait. He wanted her now and he’ll have her now. His beautiful princess looked at him with eyes that matched his own and lips that looks just like his. Perfection. He could see his perfection in the face of his 12 year old daughter. How could his loins have birthed such a beauty? Better still how could it have not? He was perfect.
She allowed him in she knew better than to argue with daddy, she knew her punishment was worse when she made daddy mad. She had pleaded with her mother not to leave her with him. When her mother refused she had lied and told her she was also interested in seeing aunt tobi’s baby. Her mother was resilient and told her she has to stay and take care of her father. She had laid her bed, she knew how upset he got when it was untidy. She couldn’t take another round tonight. Her mother had made her fill the tubs with water she fetched from the community well, and she had scrubbed the whole house because her mother said it because she was jobless she wanted to tag along. She was famished as she hadn’t eaten since the night before. She was scared. That look in his eyes scared her.

Femi watched as his daughter took of her clothes quietly, what a good girl she had learnt, but he was hoping she might refuse, a good argument and struggle will only make it more enjoyable. His eyes were trained on her when he noticed she didn’t take of her vest and he watched as she crumbled to her knees and folded her hands to beg. He smiled. This was exactly what he needed. Exactly what he wanted.
“Daddy please can you spare me today, I’m so tired and I haven’t eaten. Please you can do it tomorrow “
“Angel, you don’t need food, or do you want your stomach to be as big as your mother’s own? It’s better this way I will take you out after and buy you your favorite.”
“Okay” she said defeated “but can I at least have a slice of bread?” she asked hopefully
“No” he replied curtly “I like the way you look now and I don’t want you to spoil it”
This time Femi didn’t wait for her to undress he did it himself and stared in awe at his creation. He created a beautiful woman. She knew the drill, no talking, because he doesn’t like to hear her whine, daddy will be mad if she utters a word.

She felt him plunge into her, she was used to it, he had snatched her innocence when she was just 10,but today she knew it was different. His bloodshot eyes looked at her as she wept, careful not to whimper so she doesn’t upset daddy, she saw his happiness because in his universe her tears showed submission. She continued to weep cause she felt him poke at her body like and object, but they weren’t just pokes, she knew for a fact his roughness will leave her bruised, but, it wasn’t the first time. Her mother assumed she was clumsy and anytime her mother saw the bruises she got punished and flogged because her mother believed that way she will be more ‘careful’.

He enjoyed her youth and made sure his needs were met, he had never had a cause to complain, neither had she ever fallen short of expectation. How could she? He is perfect. So his creation should be perfect too. Today was the best he’d ever enjoyed her and her tears just motivated him to continue. Pound and pound against her till he felt satisfied.

He got up and began to wear his trousers. He looked back and saw his angel had not moved, maybe was too rough he thought , he’ll make sure he compensates her well. He will take her to a park, without her mother of course.
“My angel, get dressed, let’s go an eat” Femi said as he zipped up his jeans.
“I heard him” she replies to him with her eyes trained to the ceiling.
“Who?!” he thundered, how dare she see another man Femi thought hadn’t he warned her, she was his alone.
“I don’t know him” she said with a pause “but he said he is taking me”
“Who dares take what us mine, you belong to me! Tell him that! In fact don’t talk to him again! Where is he? I’ll show him who really owns you!”
“He says you are wrong. He says he owns me and he is ready to take me home” this guy must be bold Femi thought
“Let me see him try” Femi replied “I will have you tomorrow, get ready, and change your sheets, I hate the birds”
“I won’t be here daddy” his princess said with a smile on her face “he says if I believe him and trust him and allow him in my heart, he will take me home”
“My princess, what are you saying, aren’t you home? Aren’t you happy? Don’t you have me in my heart, don’t you-”
“I am leaving now” she interrupted
“I’ve told you not talk like this, you sound foolish, you sound just like your useless mother, show me where you want to go? See if I’ll let you go? Stupid girl”

Femi turned around after he noticed his princess hadn’t replied, she wasn’t moving but the gentle rise and fall of her chest told him she was still alive.
“You’ve started to act like your mother” Femi said distastefully “get up and get me something to eat I’m famished”
“I told you I was leaving, I will not be able to cook for you”
“Who cursed me? Why will I be cursed with a foolish wife and now daughter. What kind of life are my living?”
She didn’t reply anymore, her tears hadn’t stopped, but her breaths were more labored, she could feel herself going, very slowly she could feel her soul ebbing away into oblivion. She wasn’t angry though, she didn’t think she was leaving too young neither did she feel sad. She had never been happy. She had lived each day in torment and sorrow. It was time to go, she knew and welcomed it.

Femi thought his daughter was being dramatic by not answering him. She laid still on the bed with her eyes still trained to the ceiling, and she was still. Femi could not see signs of her breathing. He edged over to her to get a better look, he moved a little closer and touched her “my angel” he said soothingly. But his angel didn’t reply.
She was dead.
His sweet little angel was dead.


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